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I am Munshi Sulaiman. I have been working with BRAC for a number of years now and more recently have been with BRAC International’s Research and Evaluation Unit. Based out of Kampala, I have had the chance to work with some amazing colleagues in research and programme units. Together we have been pretty busy investigating rather important questions around development; particularly exploring if and how programmes are having an impact.  


Recently I have had an real urge to share some of the work my colleagues and I have been doing through this informal site. Another objective is to create transparency as we proceed with our research, especially for experimental projects. Not sure what information you were looking for, but hope you find some of our work useful.


A small caveat though, while this site brings together findings from some hopefully rigorous research on very large programmes, like you, I always like to keep an open mind.  To make this point let me share with you one of my favourite stories....


A man once found a stallion while wondering though a country side. He returned to his village with what was now his stallion. All the villagers could not believe his good fortune and kept saying “what a lucky guy!” A few months later the man fell off the stallion and broke his leg, a permanent injury. Everyone started saying “what an unlucky guy!” A few months after that, a war broke out and all able bodied men and women were sent to fight. Most of them died. Of course our man, with his broken leg was not one of them. Everyone started saying “what a lucky guy!”


So things change, and we may not know what is “good” or “bad”. That is why research is an ongoing thing for me and all the colleagues whose work have featured on this site. Do keep checking in to see what is now a “mistake” and what is a “success”! Please feel free to contact me with any suggestion or query at munshi.slmn@gmail.com

Note of Clarification

I have varying levels of involvement with the work featured in this website. In some of the projects, I am more closely engaged as a PI or Co-PI. In most of the projects, my engagement is limited to facilitation, advising or supervision. There are also a few projects in which I barely have to do anything. Nonetheless, these works are included in this site to facilitate easy access to basic information of all major research projects on BRAC programmes in Africa. Respective researcher(s) can be contacted for further details.



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